Unite Copenhagen 2019

My Favorite Highlights of Unite Copenhagen

Just a few days ago Unity hosted Unite 2019 in Copenhagen. Of course, I had to watch the live keynote, so I did. Lots of new features were announced on stage, a few of which I am really looking forward to. So, let’s take a look at what my favorite features of the recent Unity Keynote are.


If you’ve been using Unity for a while you might now about the Unity Job System, often referred to as DOTS. It used to be quite inconvenient and required a lot of setup. This year, they announced that they’ll be massively simplifying the way the Job System works. What impressed me most was the “hot-reloading” of assets while two of the presentators were actually running and playing the game! A developer only needs to edit an asset, or add one, and the players will see the change happen in real-time. This makes tweaking assets and colours really easy, which can massively boost development!

New Render Pipelines

We all know about the Render Pipelines right? It’s not really that new. We have the Universal Render Pipeline, the HD Render Pipeline and the Scriptable Render Pipeline. But what if you could now actually use URP on all platforms? Yes, you read that right. You can now use the URP on all platforms, so that’s computers, consoles and phones. I think that this will boost the quality of the graphics in mobile games, which would be an amazing thing to see!


No, not the planet Mars. I’m talking about the Mixed Augmented Reality Studio. This gives Augmented Reality developers the ability to make their apps even better! You can now easily set tracking points inside of Unity, which will translate to real-world points. Easy right?

I’ve talked about my favorite features of Unite Copenhagen, but what are yours? What are you looking forward to most this year for Unity? Let me know in the comments! Have a good one!

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