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Hello everyone! In this post I’ll be talking about the website rework, and the topics that will be posted about in the future!

About the website rework

If you have been here before you might notice that the site looks way different than before. This is because of two reasons. For one, my domain got deleted by my registrar, resulting in me losing my website. Luckily I got this settled now, and SSL should be up soon as well. The second reason is that I didn’t like the theme anymore, and decided to rework everything, because I had to restart the website anyways.

In this rework, I changed my theme from Make (by the Theme Foundry) to OceanWP. So far I am really liking the high customizability that the theme offers. The website’s looks will obviously change in the weeks that are coming, because I’ll be learning new features and how to make the website prettier every week.

What I’ll be talking about in the future

What will I be talking about in my blog from now on? Well, it will mostly stay the same. Just a bunch of coding talk, but with game design mixed in. What I mean with the last part (“… but with game design mixed in.“) is that I’ll also be reviewing games and criticizing their design, what could’ve been improved, stuff like that. These games will mostly be epic indie games, but there will sometimes be triple-A games as well in there! I’ll be doing this because I love talking about the design aspects of games. It’s something that I’m really interested in, and I’d love to pass on my thoughts to the world!

What are your thoughts on the new website look? Are you a game developer looking for someone to play their game(s)? Let me know in the comments below! I’m looking forward to reading them! If you want to contact me in private, you can do so by filling in my contact form here!
– Xaaf

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